Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Summer Reading

Dear CMS Families~

I am happy to share with you our annual “Summer Reading” information. There is no project or assignment attached to a summer reading book. We simply ask students to just read one title over the course of the summer months. But it would be much better for student's to read all of them, and then read some more! This is because the most significant factor related to student achievement is reading. Nothing else can take its place. Time with text (books, magazine, newspapers) does two things which play essential roles in developing students who possess advanced literacy. The first is that reading builds vocabulary and word knowledge. Because students gain new vocabulary over time, it is important to read something every day. The goal is for students to have a vast bank of words available for speaking, listening, and writing. This becomes especially important as they head to the high school.

Building background knowledge is the second important role reading plays. When students read across genres (fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, poetry, human interest stories, science articles, current events) they have a strong foundation on which to make connections to new learning. In fact, overall reading comprehension depends on a student’s background knowledge.

If you would like to borrow a hard copy of one of the summer reading books, we have all of them in the Main Office. Simply stop by between now and June 24th. We are open from 7:30 am - 3:00 pm.
If you would prefer an electronic copy, you may use the Sora app for Overdrive.

Please feel free to reach out over the summer if you have any questions at all. I can be reached at blozier@westgenesee.org. Stay well!

We Celebrate Learning!

Beth Anne Lozier

Reading Lists 
The grade 9 reading list is available for our rising freshmen.

The grade 6 through grade 8 reading list can be found here.

Book Talks
Having trouble deciding what book to start with? Just listen to our librarian, Mrs. Bush, do her famous book talks by subscribing to her YouTube channel. You’ll know which one to pick!

School Supply Drive
For 11 years the West Genesee District Council has been providing school
supplies to students in need. Please see the flyer for more information to register your student.

Fairmount Library
The library  will be open Monday - Friday from 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  Patrons can contact the library by calling 315-487-8933, texting 315-382-8988 or emailing Fairmount Community Library to place an order and arrange for pick-up. All patrons are asked to wear a mask when entering the foyer.

Friday, May 29, 2020

End of the Year May 2020

Dear CMS Families:

I would like to update you regarding some important information on how we will be finishing the school year regarding grading and classroom assignments.

Last week of class assignments: 

Teachers will assign the final assignments for the school year the week of June 8th.

Last day of on-line classes: 

The last day of on-line classes for middle level will be June 15th.  All assignments must be submitted by this date.

Marking Period 4 Pass or Fail:

Students will receive a Pass (P) on their report card for the 4th Marking Period if 50% or more of the assignments have earned a “Complete.” Students will receive a Fail (F) if less than 50% of the assignments have earned a “Complete,” which means they were scored as “Missing” or “Incomplete.”

Final Course Averages: 

For full year courses, the average of Marking Periods 1-3 will determine the Final Average for the course. For 2nd semester courses, Marking Period 3 will be used as the final average.

High School Course Credit (CFM, DDP, Studio, Algebra 1, LOTE): 

There are no final examinations. 

For these credit bearing courses only, if a student’s average for Marking Periods 1 - 3 for full-year courses or the Marking Period 3 average for a second semester course is between a 58 and 64, the Principal will review the student’s marking period averages and performance in Marking Period 4 to make a decision about awarding course credit. If, after review of the marking periods, the Principal determines that a student will be denied course credit, recovery may occur through the completion of work based on essential Standards for which a student has not attained.

Final Report Card:

The final report card will be available for viewing in Schooltool on June 26th.

Please contact me should you have any questions at all at blozier@westgenesee.org.
Stay well! Finish Strong!

We Celebrate Learning!

Beth Anne Lozier

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Locker Retrieval Plan

Dear CMS Families:

We have developed a plan for you to retrieve your child’s items from their lockers and to return school issued materials. This will take place on June 9th for grades 6 and 7. On June 10th we will have a separate pick up event for our 8th graders. Please see the charts below. When you arrive, please park in the lot and walk toward the bus loop. All locker contents have been bagged and will be arranged by homeroom on the bus loop.Your child’s bags (homeroom and PE lockers) will be labeled with their name. Social distancing points will be clearly marked, and masks are recommended.

In the event of rain, we will leave the bags inside the building and you will simply come to the door of the school, and we will hand you your bag.

Our school nurse will be contacting you directly to arrange the retrieval of any medications still remaining in the Health Office.

There will be no entry to the school building. If you are unable to make one of the assigned time slots please email me at blozier@westgenesee.org or call the office and leave a message at 315-672-3159 so that we can make an arrangement.


LAST NAME Gr. 6 and 7
12:00-2:00 pm
2:00-4:00 pm
Alternative Time
4:00-6:00 pm


Last Name Grade 8
10:00 am-12:00 pm

Bags from all grade levels will be available on both June 9th and 10th.

Return of School Issued Supplies
There will be tables set up along the bus loop for you to return the following items: 

  • textbooks
  • school issued calculators
  • library books
  • school issued musical instruments in need of repair

8th Grade Recognition - June 10th
We would like the opportunity to recognize our 8th graders. On this day we will have few surprises reserved just for them. Please park in the lot and have only your child come to the bus loop to receive their class gift from the PTO. Thank you to our PTO for arranging this event.

The CMS yearbook will not be shipped to us until later in the summer. We will let you know once we have developed a plan for how to get them to you.

We are so looking forward to seeing the people we miss most; our students, even for a few brief moments. Stay well, and we will see you soon.

We Celebrate Learning!

Beth Anne Lozier
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Friday, May 8, 2020

May Update

PAUSE Week (May 11th-15th)

Next week will be another opportunity for students to complete and/or make-up any assignments still open from the first few weeks of the 4th marking period. Any assignments that are missing (M) or incomplete (I) in SchoolTool can be submitted for teacher review and feedback. Not every student will have work to submit this week. This is a chance for everyone to catch their breath and gear up for the final five weeks of the school year. This is also a great opportunity to take part in our Virtual Wellness Spirit Week!  We are encouraging students and teachers to have a “Technology Free Friday” on May 15th to give everyone a needed brain break. Finally, please check out our Well-being Choice Boards for some additional ways to take a pause.

Five Week Reports

Five week reports for Marking Period 4 will be available to view through SchoolTool on Friday, May 22nd. Students will be receiving comments in the following categories:

  • attendance & participation 
  • progress during MP4
  • predicting successful course completion

You can access the report by logging into SchoolTool and following the step by step directions posted there.

Student Belongings In Lockers

We are finalizing the plan for you to pick up the contents of your student’s locker. This will take place sometime in June. We will communicate the plan right here in the blog as soon as we work out the details.

We Celebrate Learning!

Beth Anne Lozier
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